About translations, state of the game

I was lurcking in the Translation forum and if I got it right, apart the en.json where a lots of strings are already centralized, many missing strings are still spreaded in many files.
I would have work on a french translation (haven’t find any or do I miss something?) but hacking files which are not part of the localization isn’t a very good idea I guess.
So question, is there an ETA about a more solid base to work on?
After a quick test I also noticed the font problem with accent and a few GUI problem with strings length (“world seed” can be much longer in latin based languages for exemple).
Is there already an “official” position about these little problems or finally is it to soon to talk about all this topic?

nope there is now official statement at the moment because localization will be done after the finishing of the game ^^

also im the best sample that its possible also at the current state to translate the full game ^^ because of the strings length - thats also not the problem because all windows are im htmlcode - so for example the embarkscreen - just open the *.less file and change the fondsize ^^

if you need hel - here are some tipps: Community Translations: Volunteers (Overview)

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