Help with font setup [HUN translate process]


I played with the StoneHearth about 50-60 hours, and I <3 the game, so i’d like to translate it to Hungarian, but our language has “á” “é” “ü” etc. alphabets [UTF-8], which doesn’t looks like nice in the game.

Sooooo my question is: How can I change the ingame fonts into something “HungarianLover” font?

Thanks for the help(s),

  • Zoli (bzoli40)

Most of the other translation mods change the fonts. It’s easiest to install one of them and look at how it does it. In a nutshell, it’s generally done by including the new font and adding CSS that applies it to the UI.

I tried it with the Turkish mod, but I didn’t see anything “CSS”. :frowning:

The CSS is stored in files with the less extension. I’d also take a look at Steam Workshop :: Font for better Translation lisibility.

Okay, sooo I tried to “mix” the ‘Font for better…’ mod with my language mod,

but I didn’t get good result. I tried fix everything (what’s wrong, why, how can I repair, etc.),
because when I used the language and the fonts mod separately it works,

but in the “MIX MOD” the alphabets were wrong yet.

Here it is my ‘MIX’ mod, where I tried to combine these 2 mods:
Hungarian_v24.smod (399.4 KB)

What do u think, what should I do?

This is what I see if I enable your mod and switch the language:

This looks correct to me. Heads up, though, if you are using the fonts or code from that mod I linked, rather than just learning from it, you’ll need to make sure the original author is Ok with it.

Just a question, but did you enabled the fonts mod too, when u made the screenshot, or just my mod? Because I enabled just my mod, and same problem yet.