[Res][Dev2063] - Not a bug, some ui tiny details

The “loading…” string on the map generation isn’t centered (visible with larger wording).

The “hotkey” string used in the building vision, slice and x-ray mouse over tooltip seems to be missing in the en.json.

Concerning the 3 buttons for building vision, slice and x-ray, a few more pixels in between would be welcome for internationalization.


hey for the 3 buttons you can change this easy manually :wink: i have done this since a long ago ^^

for example ui\game\widgets\terrain_vision\terrain_vision.less there you can change the position of the button :wink:

just change it add it to your mod and the manifest - resolved ^^

because all languages are different and have different sizes - this must be make manually^^

later when all localizations are completed then can add it to change it automatically to the correct view.

at the moment there are 6 files which must be mostly changed manually - it depends like always on your used fonts and the size of your translation:

promotion_tree.less (ok this is because of my used font)


Someone from TR told you to do so? I mean tweaking something else than the localization files?

i have done this since … ?alpha8?

at this moment there wasnt any other way and localizations years away ^^

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Yep but this is the first time localizations are official so I’m not very hot to do things like that because it’s not our translators job. What I mean is normally when the ui is build, one must keep in mind wider strings or spaces (if text is involved) because it is well known that english often use shorter terms than latin or cyrillic or chinese for example. And normally those aesthetic decisions belong to the ui creator. Same for fonts, we cannot choose the one that please us, it’s the ui creator who should say, accented fonts will be this one, chinese will use this one, etc…

And just imagine, you edit a file with a spacing and then every translators do the same. What will happen? Will they take the wider? And what if the translator with the wider have done a bad work (there is some better and shorter translation)? So that’s why the ui creator must decide the max length for each strings and then the translators should find a way to keep the strings into the limits. That is also the difficulty of translating softwares…

So for now (and because I don’t want to do a big mess), unless @Sdee or someone else from TR told us to proceed as you say I prefer reporting the things that should be modified by the devs. Kind of bug report for the ui!

its your translation but its a mod :wink: so its on you what you are want todo ^^

i have changed the fonts and the ui and its not really the big task xD

i know what you mean - but its not possible to make an ui so that it can support each language :wink: like you mentioned every language has other conditions and for this the UI must be set specific for this.

you dont want to see the chinese translation on stonehearth without ui and font change xD

but for your first mention with the loading … thats correct ^^ and for the hotkeys i have informed yshan and she will fix it - but i have said that you have found it ^^

Wow nice catch. I'm fixing it.

next replay:

Okay I’ll see the best way to fix the xray thing. hotkey is fixed. I’ll center the loading string on map generation too.

I’m working on it! Slowly, but surely.

@Beatrice Can you show me a picture of what the french for the building vision, slice, and xray buttons look like (with the bad text formatting and stuff)? That way I can make sure I fix the formatting for it correctly.



Well I have a problem to do so because I’m on mac, but that’s not the real problem. On one side, if I boot on windows, the ui is scaled accordingly to the retina resolution of the screen so the ui is kind of tiny, it could be misleading. On mac I could load the game in a wrapper and get the normal size, but since A12, something is broken and the game cannot run in the wrapper. I probably need to update it but I’m not a specialist and it seems I have to download something and much to get it right. So… right away I cannot get you the ideal screen. But as soon as I can I’ll try to fix the wrapper.

BTW, concerning the scaling of the UI, there is something new with the crafter UI, all buttons on the right (when you queue something do not scale as the rest of the UI. At this stage I guess you guys haven’t yet dig for these resolution problems but I prefer reporting this already.

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Well it’s true I haven’t read anything from the studio about the translation work but perhaps I miss it. @Yshan, could you enlighten us? Could the translation (after checking) being part of the official release or will they stay as simple mods with no checking and so no guaranties of quality by TR?

ok this i dont understand which buttons do you mean?

there are two sheets in the new crafter ui:

  1. the receipelist
  2. the craftingqueue

on the receipelist is on the right side just one button (and yes hes mostly to big - so that the full ui must be set higher
on the craftingqueue i havent any buttons just the icons of the queued items i want to craft or do you mean the binbutton?

here is all ok?here is a little issue with the desciption of the binhere is the button to big and goes over the downside boarder

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These are not really buttons even if you can interact with them, I was talking about the queue list (hoe, wooden sword, diamond window and crate) on the right of your second screenshot. Previously they where much bigger, now they looks like off scale with the rest of the UI.

A tiny note on your work, the “slice” and “x-ray” aren’t centered on the icons! :wink: (Perhaps I’m too much into the details! :cold_sweat:)

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ahh ok then you really mean the queueicons ^^ yes they have make them smaller xD because so you can see quicker what are queued xD

for the x-ray button ^^ thanks i will look i have changed it^^


Really? They were working pretty well before and now we even have a queue list so I though this was a small ui issue. Well if it’s a deliberate choice, then there is nothing to add.

Nice job with your fix! :wink:

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at the moment i try to figure out how i can make the icons bigger - so that i can help you to fix it ^^

@yshan, here is a screen on windows. Also you can see the tooltip is problematic (even if I can reduce the title) and the hotkey string.

Hmmm looks like the text is also to long for the overlay so its make an break ^^ but when its centered it should works (but when the translation of another language will be longer the same issue will happens again)^^

I’m making the text and icons center better. It’ll still look kinda crappy if the text is very long, but it will auto scale.
Will fix the hotkey positioning next.
Thanks all


@Yshan, not sure if it’s possible but do you think the tooltip black background could adapt itself depending the text? (I have to recheck but I think I saw a few more example where the text (even the white one) goes out the background…)

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The title “Parties” of this panel seems to not be internationalized:

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