Little glitches in character sheet when the language is Chinese

Alpha 22.5 r761

After today’s update, I found there’s something wrong with character sheets when the language is turned into Simplified Chinese (I think Traditional Chinese character probably will also encounter this problem)

The screenshot and mod file are as below

Chinese_Translation.smod (2.3 MB)

As can be seen from the picture, the space before the thoughts seems to be not enough for the characters showing the duration of it when it comes to Chinese.
(PS: “24小时/24小時” is simplified/traditional character for “24h”)

I’d so appreciate it if you can fix it :slight_smile:
Love you guys~

Thats Part of your Job :wink: every translator must change the ui for his language himself… And Do you have the permisson to change/Update the Mod from law?

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yep, it’s always been us two making the mod :content:

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does that mean probing into the source code…

You need to modify the code in


I also modify those .less files to make the words look bigger. The default font size is too small for Chinese.

BTW, I use only 1 word. :rofl:


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I thought it was in citizen_character_sheet.js …

Thanks a lot, I’ll check it out :grinning:

It is in the citizen_character_sheet.less.
The UI of the game is basically a web page, and the less files define the layout.

heyho thx for explanation while i was at work ^^

@Iviaca ok good to know ^^ i know only @law because he has asked my everthing from the start ^^ so if you need help just send me an pm ^^

(:зゝ∠) That’s alright, I was not so active here so it’s pretty normal not to know me. XD

and after one-hour “hard work”, I finally make it!!! Yay!!!
and… slightly increased the font size.


Thanks for all the help @Wiese2007 @dalabo :merry: