About font size adjustment for Chinese Translation mod

–Hi, everybody. I’m creating Chinese localization, is now fully localized Chinese, but after using the Chinese Translation MOD, some fonts may seem small, difficult to see, so I want to adjust the font size. Can someone tell me where to be amended? I can not find the relevant documents. in some places I found and modified. __(:з」∠)__
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Here is a screenshot of the font too small:

Online wait! ! ! __(•̀ω•́ 」∠)__


This is my Chinese Translation mod Posts :

for this you must change it in the .less files :wink:

the second one should be the charater_sheet and the first one should be citizens

a little bit experimenting is needed :wink:

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citizens testing

the one is here?
Fonts of instructions or descriptions displayed when cursor hangs over some buttons, are too tiny to be legible, english letters may be fine with that, but when it comes to relatively complex Chinese characters, the issue is amplified

ahhh you mean the tooltip … good question … try tip_popup

tip_popup is Not work
↑↑See the third and fourth pictures I can not figure out their code