Is it possible to change the font in the job window?

Hi everyone, I’m the author of Traditional Chinese translation.

Is it possible to change the font in the job window?
As marked in the picture:

i think it should be possible, but i don’t know much about translation… paging @Wiese2007!

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Yes. You would need to overwrite the font, or the css that is using it.
It is the scriptina font, located at stonehearth/ui/root/css/fonts/scriptina

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Im here ^^ And the answere is Yeno ^^

Its not possible to change the font for just one window - you can only change the complete fonts for all window.

or do you mean the size?

For example i have changed in my translation the existing fonts complete - so that i can use umlauts ^^


Thanks for all your help, @8BitCrab, @BrunoSupremo and @Wiese2007.
I have successfully changed the font and also fixed the denied stamp.:slight_smile:

The only problem is, the size of the Chinese font file is quite large lol.

i know that there are lots of signs in the chinese but normally font files shouldnt be very large - expect it holds more than one language ^^

for example my fontfiles are complete 292kb big ^^ and i use them for ingame and ui ^^

Unfortunately, Chinese fonts are normally counted in mega bytes, especially in Traditional Chinese.
Usually they are bigger than 4 MB.:joy:

are you sure???

218kb packed

Chinese fonts ^^

ok i dont know if 92signs to less but normally that should be enough ^^ perhaps your font is not correct converted

Thank you for the reply. :slight_smile:
But the font you post doesn’t contain enough signs in Chinese normal usage. Chinese language is really complicated, the common signs should be 4000+. And 4000 may not be enough to use xD.

and this ones?

sry little joke: perhaps a little bit ming ? (now i want to look Flash Gordon xD)

The first link is a Simplified Chinese font.
The 2nd and the 3rd link might work, and as you can see, they are 2.8MB ~ 4.8MB after unzipped. To use them in the game, I have to convert them into *.eot, *.woff, and *.svg. So, the size of the files will also grow bigger xD.

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Actually, I don’t know what the words of Ming Imperial font are writing about xD.
A normal Traditional Chinese font looks like the picture in my computer. The characters 繁體 mean Traditional Chinese.

And the Ming Imperial font looks like this…

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like written Ming was a joke and the name of the enemy in flash gordon xD

Actually, there is a dynasty called Ming in Chinese history.
See wiki:
Ming dynasty - Wikipedia

And one of the fonts inspired by the Ming dynasty looks like below.

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