UI scaling deforms the font

When examining a ripe carrot and a turnip (pumpkin, corn, wheat, watermelon, etc. not checked) still in the soil, you will find a brief description in the bottom left. Instead of saying “delicious!,” it says “dellclous!” Clearly, this isn’t intended and I found it will playing the game. Not sure where the actual script is in the code, though.

I think it is just the font. The letter i looks like l.
For me, daily reports looks like dally reports.


Huh, never thought about that…
Thanks, I guess it can be marked resolved now. Whoops.

Though this is recent, as in previous versions i and l were different enough to not be confused with each other. I think it is about the game adjusting to the correct resolution now, which made the font different from what it was.

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I see…
Never realized that about Stonehearth’s font. What font do they use for the game anyway?

Those i = l are probably grobold font

Nice, thank you!
I will definitely be using this font for different projects based around Stonehearth i.e. videos and such.

The font doesn’t look like that normally, as far as I can tell, so what weird scaling thing is the game doing now?


This is still an issue. Not sure how to solve it though without just replacing the font (easy, but far from ideal)
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