[Res] [r2513] Cook does nothing when he doesn't have the ingredients

… Found it too…
You need to added the precise requierment for the job cook… For me it is a bug. Cant make a cook with the spoon… Added ‘requier a farmer’

Another bug ? : My cook do nothing… i dont have the ingredient but the guy do nothing, If the carpenter dont have job to make, it do work = simple woorker. But not the cook… Bug ?

@yshan , is this the correct behavior for a Cook? Are they so dedicated to their work that they don’t want to help normal workers when they have nothing to do?

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So what you’re seeing is:

  1. Have a cook
  2. try to cook a recipe when you don’t have all the ingredients
  3. Have stockpiles that need to be restocked/other work to do.
  4. The cook doesn’t restock stockpiles, even though he doesn’t have other things to do

Is that correct?
Does it fix itself if you reload the game?

I can’t get that to happen in my testing – my cook can restock things when I’ve queued up a recipe that I can’t make yet. I wonder if your cook got stuck somehow, so more information or a screen shot would be really helpful.

Thanks for reporting this

though it wasnt specified, i believe @artifus, meant that cooks wont build, which is intended, correct?

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Cooks should at least help out as farmers (since that is their lower level profession).
This profession based upon picking up an item is showing it’s limitations.

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@8BitCrab Ah, that is a design question. Currently, they are not able to build. They can only restock and place items in addition to craft cooking recipes. It’s possible cooks will be able to do other things in the future as we’re not fully finished with them yet.

@Maltavius The cook’s ai behavior isn’t fully done yet, so I don’t know about the design of cooks helping out as farmers. I do know that shepherds cannot trap, even though the trapper is the shepherd’s lower level profession, so the lower level profession doesn’t always carry forward to the upper level.


Not trying to be mean but if you do notice, it is a tree. You can see that a basic person can change in to any of the 1st level jobs since the tree follows that route, but any job above that must follow their previous job. You can see that it goes, Basic Class ----- Farmer ----- Cook. This is comparable to a tree in an MMO, where you must get skill 1 to be able to follow the tree to skill 2. However I do agree that the requirement of “Must be farmer” should be stated clearly.

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The cook do nothing if i dont have ingredient for make item. I have set 30 for each 2 items and i dont have the 2x30 in my stock. The cook is standing idle in the middle of the area… The other restock etc but not him.


I’ve separated all the last posts here, since they are about a different bug than in the original report.

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@artifus Oh noes. I wonder if this is an issue with the AI system or with cooks in particular. What happens if you save and then reload the game? Does the cook still not do anything?


just going to toss this in here, in the hopes is can clear up some unintentional confusion…

using the bug report template (while sometimes loathsome :smile: ), really does make it easier to diagnose and track a particular issue… :+1:

in particular, thinking through and jotting down those repro steps, really helps the team…

Example bug report

Bug : Opening crafting window from carpenter “craft” icon does nothing

I was trying to open the carpenter’s craft window in order to tell him to create 2 new tables. When the unit was selected, his unit info UI appeared but clicking the saw icon beside his name did not bring up the screen that would let me select what I wanted him to create. Clicking on the icon didn’t produce an error, it simply failed to generate any reaction from the unit (as if the command wasn’t being registered).

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Select Stendor Markon (the carpenter)
  2. Once selected, click the saw icon from his unit frame
  3. Watch as it looks like the action is registered (quick animation), but the screen never comes up

Expected Results:
I expected the carpenter UI screen to appear.

Actual Results:
The UI screen is not appearing, though it looks like the button click was picked up.

It may be nothing, but I also noticed that when the saw icon was selected, the unit would start a walking animation each time, but it would end abruptly.

I’ve attached my most recent save file, with the unit in question standing near the carpenter’s workbench.

Versions and Mods:
I’m running Stonehearth v0.1.45 and have no additional mods running during this save game.

System Information:
Windows 7 Enterprise 64 | AMD dual core proc | 4GB system memory | nVidia 9500 GT


Resolved in develop 2521, my cook work now.

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