Cook becomes Worker over being a Farmer when cooking queue is empty

I’m sure it’s something small in the code but the Cook becomes a Worker over a Farmer when there is no cooking in the queue.

Several classes do this. Depending on the class, certain people can mine, build, farm, etc. I’m not sure whether or not the cook is supposed to farm, but I did think it was a little bit odd at first.

He does farm, when there is nothing to build. I know he used to farm before building so something may have just been swapped accidentally recently.


he is supposed to harvest when there isnt any cooking to do, though i dont think he’s supposed to be able to build… could be wrong though.

I mean, I don’t mind the help building, but those turnips aren’t going to pull themselves out of the ground.


Thanks for reporting this.
I’m going to make it so the cook doesn’t help build. It doesn’t feel very cook-like.