[NaB] Unable to change job to Cook

I’ve built a Cook’s Spoon from the Stone Mason,
But the requirement for a Cook seems to be “Stonewear Spoon” and I don’t have one of those.

Playing on latest development build. Develop-2513 (x64)


Do you have a level 3 farmer?

Nope, but there is nothing stating that I need a level 3 farmer to create a Cook.

you need a farmer, but they dont have to be level 3 (so you can change to farmer and then immediately to cook). so the bug is actually that the requirements arent stated correctly.

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I have 2 farmers at level 2. Still no dice. Or do you mean that I need to change A farmer to be A cook?
Then that what the problem is…

yes. you need to change someone from a farmer into a cook, you cant change a worker into a cook.

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:sweat_smile: Ok, problem resolved…


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