Can't promote farmer to cook

Not sure if this should be in the bugs section, but I can’t seem to promote a farmer to a cook. I have 4 farmers, levels 1 to 4 (one of each), and I do have a spoon. Obviously, Farmer1 cannot be promoted, but 2, 3 and 4 should, and the promotion screen (choose a job) shows Cook as being available. When I click on the spoon to promote, I get the Click to Approve, which I click, and that’s it, farmer is NOT getting promoted, I still have my 4 farmers and my spoon is still available. Am I missing something?

Edit: I crafted an additional spoon, and this time it worked… Puzzled…

This should be moved to the bug forum … I was not sure if this is only on my pc but it seems that an “old” bug reappeart.

Items which are in the backpack of an hearthling are “gone” for everything game releated till the item has been put back into the stock.