[r183] You can only promote if you have actually crafted the specific tool before

You cannot promote a citizen to a farmer before a carpenter crafted a farmer’s hoe although you own a hoe!

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Start up a fresh world and wait for travellers
  2. Steal a traveller’s hoe
  3. Try to promote a citizen to a farmer with that hoe

Expected Results:
Have a farmer feeling guilty because he works with a stolen hoe.

Actual Results:
Have only citizens because Hearthlings are no thiefs and will refuse to use the stolen hoe.

This can probably occur with more jobs as the game has to register that a tool has been crafted before the job is unlocked. (Well this is my assumption.)

Versions and Mods:
183, no mods

just to clarify, you are saying you cant promote a unit with the farmer’s tool that was acquired from a traveler, as opposed to crafted by your carpenter… yes?

I guess i got drawn away by talking about stealing a traveller’s stuff… Sorry.
You can use the traveller’s hoe to promote, but only if you craft(ed) a hoe yourself; the “promote to farmer button” stays black until you craft your very own hoe.

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Was your ‘traveller’s hoe’ not in a stockpile, by chance?

It was, i checked that.
Did it work for you?