Cant promote anyone to farmer

I got hoe, but cant promote any hearthling to farmer. the promotion window is working as usual though, selected a worker, clicked the stamp, but the worker wont grab the hoe. Tried making new hoe but no luck.

Steps to reproduce:
To be honest I’m not so sure, but this might be cause(?) and its all from memory

  1. Queue too much item in carpentry, hoe was last item (?)
  2. after the hoe is made, I relocated my storage
  3. workers shortage, items moved partially from time to time
  4. ???
  5. Cant promote workers

Expected Results:
Worker become farmer

Actual Results:
All other action happen (hoe exist, worker available, stamp stamped) but no farmer



Version Number and Mods in use:
alpha 16, no mod

System Information:

eh I somehow fixed it myself, apology

  1. tried switching job to something else then to farmer, no luck
  2. quit to main menu
  3. repeat step 1
  4. fixed (?)

at least I got a farmer now, but it seems that a hoe is stuck, I dont know why

hey there @dashcamp, welcome to the discourse :smile:

hmm… if the talisman isn’t in your inventory (or is in a hearthlings backpack) your guys can’t promote, so it could be that because you moved your storage the talisman wasn’t in a stockpile/crate, but upon reload your guys got in gear and moved it back into storage…

however seeing as it fixed itself i’ll mark this as “no longer applicable” (i feel like that’s the wrong tag), but if you run into it again don’t hesitate to say so :slight_smile: