Job not approvable with bought tools

Hi Team,

today I noticed that it seems like jobs are not approvable if the tools have been bought.
I had a caravan in town, selling me 2 farmer hoes in change for some wood logs, so I bought them.
But I was not able to approve some of my little villagers to become a farmer.
As soon as my carpenter crafted one hoe, I was able to approve one farmer.


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hey there @SlaimEnos … welcome aboard! :smile:

just for confirmation, were the tools you purchased in storage? and if so, were they in a traditional stockpile, or had they been stored in a crate?


I confirm there is a bug with hoes from travelers/caravans. One cannot promote an hearthling with a hoe not made by the carpenter even if it is store in a normal stockpile. The useless hoe cannot be destroyed (you can mark it but no reaction from hearthlings).

NOW, after a save/reload, the hoe is “activated”, you can promote an hearthling with it or you can destroy it.

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Yes, just like @Beatrice said, they were in a stockpile. I didn’t try save/reload yet, good point.