[Res] "Poor Sleep" message spammed by soldier

Getting back to the game tonight, I got back to my Lias game (which is currently on Alpha 6). I had a mass of goblins come to attack, and my soldiers were already coming to fight–however, I used the Red Alert to ensure no one was lost.

After the battle, the “slept on the cold, hard earth” message got spammed several times in the chat by one of my soliders (see below).

I assume this was a glitch somehow activated when toggling the Red Alert function, although why it affected a Footman, I’m not sure. While my Cathedral project is also in this world, I don’t think it’s affecting the game that much, at least according to the status bars. Any similar cases on the Discourse I’m unaware of, @sdee and @SteveAdamo?

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I’ve had this problem happen before, i believe it happens when a footman is sleeping when red alert goes off. though i haven’t tested this theory yet.

just to confirm, are you playing a save from A6 with the A7 build?

Nope, a stable Alpha 6 without the Alpha 7 snapshot activated. No Mason/Sheppard/etc.

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I think we had an issue long ago about messages repeating themselves several times…

Yeah, this should be fixed in A7. We had an error in the message recording code due to a refactor late in A6.

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thanks! :+1:

@Atralane, just let us know if the issue resurfaces when you get around to A7…