[Res] LOL bug , 2 carpenter seem to be 'stealing'

Build 2 carpenters and let them build something

while there is still wood on the bench and they are still gathering more , They will steal from each other.

I saw them doing it at least 4 or 5 times.
A goes and gets get wood from from B’s bench
then B gets wood from from A’s bench
then B gets it again.

etc… funny


be carefull not starting some sort of civil conflict hahahaha!! tu dum tshhh!! hehehahaha… no? maybe my dad?

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eventually 1 makes the item siince 1 will get stuck.

If your workers get stuck, and you try to promote two of them to Carpenter with the same saw, then unfreeze them, then you will have two Carpenters working from the same bench. :stuck_out_tongue:

Also workers collecting wood will steal it from the carpenter and place it back in the stockpile I watched the 2 of them going back and forth for 10 minutes before I force the worker to go cut down another tree.

I’ve seen this as well, in Alpha r22.

Carpenter A and B both get a log and drop it on each workbench
Carpenter B runs back to the stockpile to get a second log
Carpenter A steals the log off B’s bench
Both carpenter A and B then start work.

So it’s more than just stealing; I’m actually getting two picket fences for three logs instead of four.