Heathlings will steal from other players, possibly to fill supply bins

I ran out of wood and noticed my hearthlings run over to a nearby player’s stockpile area and nab some wood. Sadly, the internet police shut off my connection before I could really test, but it seemed like they stopped when I turned off my wood supply bin.

Edit: I just remember there is a better storage mod on the server, seems relevant.


Thanks for the report!

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Things got weirder from there. There were at least a couple of my hearthlings that started storing wood for the other player into his supply bins. This was happening while I still had wood to put away myself and storage space for it. I have yet to see them do anything else for the other player aside from stocking their wood into their supply bin. The server crashed shortly after and my workers seem to be working for me again.

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Your workers seem to have gone mercenary, working for whomever is the shiniest at a given moment…

Mercenary or squirrel. Hard to tell from here.


hi i did some diging while you went offline and it seems that some of its due to the wood in my area being regestered to you for some reason. hope this helps!

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They left my areas alone, but I didn’t have any supply bins available for them to fill.

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can confirm - and we played without better stockpile

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