[Res] Help! Promotion, stockpile and more bugs

After the latest steam update 10_5 10(x64), I got three very strange, game-breaking, bugs.

Bug 1
After I promote a hearthling to any job, the hearthling freezes and isn’t doing anything. All other hearthlings are happy working until I’m trying to promote themselves. It occcurs to me 100% of the time, making it quite… unplayable…
Trying to save and re-open the game doesn’t work.


  • Create a new game
  • Do anything or nothing at all
  • Promote a hearthling
  • Error pops up and hearthling is frozen.

Error log is: stonehearth.log (77.6 KB)

Bug 2
When creating a new game, creating a stockpile will freeze all hearthlings that hold an item. Other hearthlings simple won’t see the stockpile :frowning:

Error log: stonehearth.log (177.4 KB)

The strange thing: in both bugs the SAME (as far as I can see) error message pops up.

Oh, btw, computer specs are (if needed):

  • Windows 8.1 x64
  • 8GB Ram
  • AMD A8-3870 APU at 3.00 Ghz
  • Radeon R7 200 series

Bug 3
It appears that the same issue comes when placing a ladder… :frowning:

But the worst thing: I can’t Stonehearth at all now.
Re-installing the game completely doesn’t solve anything.
Is there any way to download an older version of stonehearth or something?

I think that if you opt-out of beta in Steam you can download the latest stable version.

I assume that you weren’t using any mods when these bugs happened. Also, when reinstalling, have you tried deleting manually the Stonehearth folder from inside the Steam SteamApps\common folder?

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That worked perfectly, thanks! :smile:

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