[Res] Half of the game screen is missing

Good Day,

I seem to be encountering a visual bug every time I start the game. Half of the game screen is missing.
In game the actual terrain seems transparent. It follows the camera and seems unaffected by the graphics settings.

I use
Windows 7 Home Premium
AMD Phenom™ 2 X4 955 Processor
4 GB Ram
ATI Radeon HD 6770

Welcome to the forum, @IxiusDarks :smile:!

There’s another user that had this bug

But unfortunately, seems that it has no easy fix.

(By the way, do you have Service Pack 1 on your windows 7? I think it isn’t related to the graphics but with starting the game itself, just confirming).

Can you try updating your graphic drivers from your manufacturer’s website? (I think you can manually search for it here: Download Drivers there’s a section below that allows you to select your card to search specifically for your graphics card).

I know that Minecraft does similar things when your render distance is too high for your computer and your version of Java to handle. Since Stonehearth doesn’t run on Java, updating your drivers is the way to go. Also, you may want to decrease your graphics settings?

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Updating seems to work, I still get it once every 4 or 5 launches but at least I can play now.
Thank you for the help