[Res] Bugs with building a simple room

Sorry in advance for the long report, I just wanted to help out with some details.
This is for the Alpha 1 release 14 build.
I do not know if these bugs have been mentioned but in all of my playthroughs so far whenever I try to build a simple room workers will not gather logs, which is a problem if there aren’t enough logs to build the simple room, when night comes everyone gathers around the campfire but when day comes they all remain in their position standing unless they become hungry or tried, which they then proceed to fulfill by eating or sleeping but after that they remain motionless. When given the command to collect berries they go to the bushes then gather berries but don’t take the baskets to the stockpile, instead dropping them next to the bush. The way I have been playing the game so far is to gather logs and berries, build a carpenter, appoint a carpenter, build 6 beds, build 2 tables, build 6 simple wooden chair then build the simple room.

Update: when I assigned a second simple room to be built the start building it and when they run out of wood they move to c***hop down the trees that I had assigned earlier*** when they didn’t move but after awhile they go back to the stockpile become motionless again sometimes dropping and picking the logs back up standing there, they also again only move when they need to sleep or eat; but once they have slept or eaten they remain on the bed, chair, or ground. they also do move to grab a log for the fire then they rest will gather around the fire. additionally one worker will move to chop down a tree which they didn’t do when the first simple room was assigned.

There doesn’t seem to be problems with carpenters crafting or workers moving an item. Obviously, because workers have not been collecting logs carpenter will collect the logs he needs.

Not been able to completely build a simple room

are you using the new beta of the alpha 14?

Yer this definitely sounds like pathfinding issues - the latest build on Steam should hope alleviate some of these.

Follow the latest Dev Blog for steps on how to get the build:


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this is something we’re going to start requesting going forward, referencing the current build that you’re experiencing the bug with… this helps prevent duplication of efforts, etc…

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Sorry, I completely forgot to mention the version. Yes I was playing on the most current build alpha 1 release 14.


I am still having the same issues with being able to finish building a simple room, I was running release 27 that last time I was testing the game.

As far as I know this is an ongoing issue that will improve as time goes on and fixes are made. Unfortunately it’s just going to be one of those things we have to wait for!

Thanks for reporting that it’s still an issue though :slight_smile:

No problem. I’m sure there are lots of stuff that are being debugged, updated, and fixed. Keep up the good work so far Radiant.

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