Reproduction Not Respecting Pasture Cap

As discussed in the livestream yesterday (Oct 21 2015) animals will continue to reproduce beyond the pasture’s animal cap. In this save game I have a small village, ~20 hearthlings, which I had been avoiding a shepherd in due to the drain it typically creates. Surprisingly, this time the animals seem to be staying fenced in better than usual (perhaps the stone fences work better than the picket ones? I don’t usually use stone) but as you can see with two pastures of minimum size (6 chickens, 2 sheep) there is already an extra animal of each type. Despite this, I think simply having them slightly more contained is less draining, or maybe I haven’t given it enough time yet. Regardless, it’s headed for an animal population explosion eventually without manual maintenance. So for what it’s worth, here is the save as requested:

note: there are 3 non-fatal (ladder?) errors on startup, which I have had for most of this save game; they can be ignored.

I hope this helps!