I don't have as many animals as the pasture says I can have

Hello my friends. I Just wondered: I have ~ 20 chickens on my 50x50blocks chickenpasture but I only have 2 pigs on my 50x50 pigpasture. Is there any reason why there aren’t as many? I have enough food for them and the space isn’t blocked. are there any requierements to get more pigs or animals in general but I only have the requirements of the chickens?
Im happy for every reply :smiley:


Thats math pigs require much more space that is ment to be like that.
And thereis a total max if i remember correct.

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I think chickens and poyos are double the digits of the bigger animals in the max pen.

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could you explain this math to me? Is it like that:

50x50 = 2.500
2.500 / 100 = 25 (max number)
25 / [value for animal type (like 2.0 for chicken, 12.5 for pig) = 2


Jeah maybe but still, I have ~10-20 chickens but 2 pigs. that can’t be right. I even have 7 yaks but they’re much bigger (I know thats from the cookmod)

Pigs are also from the mod, so we would need to check in that mod.
Poyos (and rabbits) have a max of 1/10blocks².
While sheeps have 0.48/10blocks².


Hm so we have to blame @Froggy … Okay I’ll do that :smiley:

After ever estimation I post, there is bruno with the code and numbers.


Sorry :sweat_smile: .


Pigs and Yaks are lazy and slow. They reproduce much slower than the other animals.

The “max_num_per_10_square_unit” is 0.5 for yaks and 1 for pigs.

If you’d like them to reproduce faster you can edit shepherd_pasture.json in the shepherd job folder:

“base_reproduction_period” : “72h”, to whatever you would like.


It isn’t the production speed but the amount of them in one pasture. It just feels so bad to see only two lonely pigs on the grassland

On a 50 x 50 pasture you’ll get 25 pigs and 13 yaks as shown here:

If you only have 2 pigs in a 50 x 50 pasture its because you have a conflicting mod, out of date café, or you haven’t waited long enough to fill up :slight_smile:


I have waited 2 real-time days with 4-5 hours a day playing xD

Ok… :
5 pigs,
18 rabbits,
6 yaks,
14 poyos

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