[MOD][A17]Pasture tweaks

I felt that the current pasture densities is too low (e.g. 10x10 area only support 2 poyo’s?)

The original numbers MAY make more sense if the animals actually grazed. but as they are fed from your supplies, which I feel should allow more animals to be packed into the same space than if they have to find their own food in the pasture.

Disclaimer: first attempt at a simple mod, so no guarantees. All I can say that it SEEMS to work for my game.

Note: Use only ONE of the following

The first one “pasture_efficiency” simply raises the animals a pasture size can support by 4x. (so a 10x10 space supports up to 4 poyos, which seems more reasonable). Note that only the scaled density is changed. the minimum etc is unchanged.

pasture_efficiency.zip (776 Bytes)

The second “pasture_no_hunger” retains the original density, but simply turns off hunger for sheep rabbit and poyo. i.e. imagine that they get their own food from grazing. It should also stop Shepherd from trying to drop feed into pastures. (I think). It does not remove the feed items however. (they can still be made to raise cooking skills and sold to merchant, just no longer needed for pastured animals).

pasture_no_hunger.zip (2.1 KB)

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I feel like Poyos need the density increase the most, but we don’t want to go full factory farming… do we?