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Day II

Interestingly enough, it’s all coming together now, isn’t it?




It’s astounding how indoctrination at an early age can make certain phrases stick to your mind and get recalled into memory whenever you read a single word or similar phrase.

Also, it sometimes makes me sad to imagine what I could achieve if I stopped doing third grade photoshops and instead invested my time into something useful.


I never realized that @Ponder had a triangular head.


Suspended animation


you should change your name to RepeatPun :stuck_out_tongue: @RepeatPan



Wow, that is… Incredible. Although in my opinion the blast radius is a bit large, and maybe it should be more blocky?



How fun! going to share?


Tweaks and turns

Granularity 1:

Granularity 3:

Granularity 5:


i like this one best.


It’s probably a tie between granularity 3 & 5 for me.


3 is good, more realistic


OK, that is unreasonably awesome!


I’m not sure why, but this has quickly become one of my favorite threads.

With that said, the mental battle between Granularity 3 & 5 continues. It’s a difficult decision between realism and blockiness.


What’s with those videos titles? :neutral_face:

I like granularity 5. It would match the landscape better…


i would say 1-3

with 1 you have the fact that you can craft some amazing artistry with it

with 3 you have the realism of the fact of thinking ok, now what am i going to do with THIS? However with 3 i don’t like the way the gradient works tbh… but thats just my oppinion :smiley:



Coolio. Give me a second.



Let x be a determinate of the differential 3q30 - 20x=12 x bleventeen.

The result of loading Qubicle files in lua and then creating render regions with it isn’t nearly as cool as I’d hoped.