Minecarts / rails?

(I incl. a link to a YouTube video in this thread … hopefully it is not against any rules??) :neutral_face:
I was watching BANTO play S.H. (one of my fav. YouTubers to watch this game…)
In this episode (it is an older one … but still fairly up to date?)
I notice that his mine (the one for ores not for stone) is quite far from his village … I notice that there are plans in ACE to have mine “chests” … any chance of having someone (the blacksmith maybe) make tracks and carts that could be used? (and maybe placed in build mode?)

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Actually, it’s a great job, but I couldn’t open the video. I don’t know why😢

Hmmm … strange … I just copied and pasted the address bar of the video …
Is anyone able to run the video?

actually … now that I click on it … it says “This page isn’t available.” … strange … heh

The guy figured out the trick​:joy::joy: