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Transcendental doritio analysis and criticism thread of much continuity and coherent linkages.


Has anyone really been far even as decided to use even go want to do look more like?

Source, not quite family friendly language.


Cars benign hatchet police coming because?


Actually too really spelling somehow realizes breaking mind…


Just how much bored are you? O_O

Those sentences remind me of our



I tried to design a new building for the Center, but its genius was rejected.

My later attempt at turning the Center into an amusement park to raise funds failed when the FBI confiscated my plans due to safety concerns and zoning regulations.

Zoning regulations be darned.


I’ve been reading this thread as it updates and the only conclusion I’ve come up with so far is that everyone is high.


LOLLLLLLLLLLLLL the problem is that you must also be high if you have read all of this :wink:


im a coffee addict, does that count?


No We not are high since small excitent with minimal fun is alphabet sometimes yes it is not.


Yup kinda what i thought it is crazy people mixed up with @RepeatPan’s genius which shows up from the see of madness from time to time.


head + desk = up and down … up and down … ROFL!


ill just go sit in my corner of shame and cry now…


Of things to come


All glory to hypnolog…


Let them eat cake!



wait! is Darth-Hearthling trying to force-choke that log??? Use the HEARTH!