Relyss Qubicle Creations

Well, I’ve been afar some weeks on holidays. I have to thank everybody for their templates and tutorials, they’ve been really helpful and have let me achieve the 3rd place of the first Qubicle competition, which allowed me to win the Home Edition (again thank you very much, @Tim).
So thanks to @Froggy, @voxel_pirate, @Pandemic and the others who are contributing to spread the Stonehearth love.

Now, some deities assets and pictures (all related to my entry for the finals):

Those are versions of the seahorse. The one on the right is more rounded than the one on the left. I used the left one because it was easier to wrap the saddle, as I had to have some horizontal surface for the rider.

These are different palettes I made for the seahorse. I didn’t made it blue or green because it was going to be at the sea, and the final picture was darker than usual to fake the effect of continuous horizon instead of a corner.

Some saddles and rains (short and long).

These are some other hairstyles for Cibeles that I thought, they look well with her elven ears, although I’m not completely happy with them.

This is part of a larger stage I was making in Qubicle, but I found it too big for the final entry so I fused the three backgrounds in one. I haven’t finished this stage yet. The background is still flat and it is supposed to continue from one stair to other through the waterfall. Each stair will have a goddess in it. Cibeles stair looks so crowded x_x…

Finally, two screens from Blender:

I still have lots to improve. I thought about making an animation where Iuris summon that giant sword, and it falls heavily from the sky to provide justice.


first of all, welcome back… and mind :boom:

second, i think this is some of the best “curved” surface models i’ve seen… very nicely done…

looked at this thread for the first time… and realised that my days at creating dogs have been long over due to my laziness to make more, you know that saying “there will always be someone better then you”? well @Relyss you have beaten me… atleast he didnt get the feat right snigger

Yeah, the laziness is too strong, I know… When you have little time, even more.
I realised too that animating is time consuming, and if you want to make things right it’s worse. I still don’t have any idea for a mod. I just progress on models that come to my mind sometimes, in the best case I may do a comic like Pandemic, or little gifs.

Its not that I dont have time I am just lazy as hell, Im one of the dogs thats very energetic for the first year or so then just lies in the sun asleep for the rest of my life

@Relyss How about [this idea from][1] @SteveAdamo as a mod? All this pet models could be a great start for a breeding-mod. You could create different appearances, think about abilities, how they could be crossbred and what this would have as an effect. Maybe even such things as the ability of your pets to cross-bred with rewards from Kickstarter for super-unique results? :wink:
[1]: Mod-Idea: Dr. Frank Stein (PG / PG 13 rated)


Mm… I’ll think about that, it could be fun. I have some other pictures with text (well, still unmade but I know what I want to do) and I want to make a proper ‘the beta is coming!’ meme although I’m having trouble making a model of ned stark u_u

So, this is a model I made months ago, using @Pandemic template of the goblin. It’s a swamp creature. I want it to rise and lurk (like a crocodile) from the dark waters of the swamp. It could use some more work, shadows are not clean enough.


i think you pulled this off quite nicely… even with the limited color palette you used, you had enough variation to give the body some depth… would be rather scary to see that rising from the water (beady green eyes and all)… :+1:

edit: what about the addition of some tattered/waterlogged clothes? or something else that might evoke the sense that this thing lives in the water… seaweed draped across his chest, etc.? :smile:

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It’s a nice idea, I’m working on that. And also working on this:

(crappy image, btw)
He needs a bow, and maybe some armor. The problem is that I find where do I have to add or remove voxels once I’m in Blender and I’ve already parented and established the rotating origins -_-’’’
And I have to start again. Perhaps I can just update some parts of the model, as they’re different objects, but I don’t know if later would be difficult to find their exact position.
Ah, and he needs longer legs, when I bend them they seem quite short :persevere:

I’d change my avatar but I want to find one that really convinces me because otherwise I would be changing it frequently xD


It looks good. I have the same problem in blender - those overlap areas creating gritty black shadows. I’ve no idea how to fix it yet :frowning: Maybe someone who’s in the know can give us a hint.

Yeah, same issue for me again too. I’ve learned that I have to use Qubicle & Blender in a back’n’forth production method - I learn weaknesses in my models from Blender, then I use Qubicle to fix and learn more about Qubicle, then back to Blender… repeat repeat repeat :slight_smile:

You could try lengthening and bending the legs at joints? The result will still look similar because they’ll be shorter when angled, but it will give you the wiggle room when bending to hit the ground.

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@Relyss If you work with armatures, you can change your model and just load a pre-defined armature “on top of it”, so you will not have to do everything all over again… if this was annoying you.

he’s beautiful! :+1:

centaurs dont typically wear armor though, do they? perhaps a sling across the chest to hold his quiver… my only crituque would be to bulk up the horse portion… he looks a bit out of proportion, but it could simply be the angle…

Just in case you didn’t know the weird black stuff is due to two faces being in the same spot. Just move them slightly off (0.001 might be enough) and it should disappear. The armour would work but I’m not sure how it would be designed as I have no idea where the vital organs to protect would be in them, maybe they have two sets of lungs/heart? I’ll have to agree with @SteveAdamo that it looks out of scale, considering normal proportions the horse part should be at least 50% taller than the human part but I’m not sure how that would fit with the cartoony style. being a foot or two taller than humans shouldn’t matter though.

Bump for the sake of cuteness…
Just joking :smile_cat:

I think I should upload some pictures even if the models are still wip, in those idle hours of the forum before the big boom.
This is the original character from who I made my current avatar. (I’m not going to mention what game is it, it’s not worth anymore).
I used a male template, hence the broad body, now I’m trying to make her with the official female template, losing details… x_x

I had many problems making the braids, but I think I came up with quite a readable hairdo.
I also like the braids of the one on the right (if I’m not mistaken it’s an official template):

because it’s very readable and detailed too.


the boom looms…

dont worry, @Geoffers747 will figure it out in about 3 more seconds… :smile:

i think it reads and looks great as is… i say, keep the model and details! :+1:

definitely readable… love the braids!


I made this model of little Anna from the Disney Pixar movie ‘Frozen’. I used the Relyss head as a base for her hair. I’m trying to make also Anna’s sister Elsa, although probably I will make her as adult, not child. I’m not a big fan of Disney but I loved this movie, it was really lovely. :relaxed:

And Anna’s as funny as cute xD


How about Olaf? That would be a nice one :grin:.

is that the reindeer? man, i really need to see this movie… for the kids, of course…

havent heard a single bad review… :smile:

Olaf is the snowman xD
And my sister already warned me that people would start asking for Olaf…


Man, my reading’s bad today. I read that as loaf! I was about to comment saying what a bizarre name when my eyes decided to work again :stuck_out_tongue: