Release the Baddies

Saw this mentioned but this had no thread so…Someone mentioned that instead of attacking player cities with your own troops you could send waves of baddies at their walls. Another great thing is that you can send send waves of enemies at your own walls in a test/worse case scenario. I thought this was a great idea, anyone else?

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are you thinking of some sort of play “mode” where you have control over generating enemy units?

i would definitely like to test my defenses against planned enemy attacks (trying new designs, etc.)… :+1:

That is exactly what i’m saying.

That would actually be an awesome feature.

You could set up your defensive strategies … tell certain units to guard certain areas, to fall back if facing overwhelming odds. To fight to the death …

And then zoom out and like some magical VR simulation, pit your settlement against whichever hellspawn you deem appropriate. All of course without any lasting effects.

Note to self: Remember to manage own expectations.


Hm… should not be rocket science to mod this in, no? If Stonehearth will offer a proper save function, you could just load a “spawn”-mod and spawn as many enemies as you want to see how your settlement manages against them. Once everything is done, just load your old save game.


I certainly agree with this. There’s nothing better in SimCity 4 than to build a thriving city only to let Godzilla run rampant through the city afterwards :heart_eyes_cat:

Will there be a way to scare off Monsters? For instance say zombies are scared of fire, I could send a bunch of men with flaming torches over to the zombies and herd them torwards my enemies…

I’m sure even the Goblins can understand that they shouldn’t mess with your pet Cthulhu!

i would love for there to be alternatives to combat… but if i had to guess, i’m betting the only thing your enemies will understand is cold, hard steel…

they will however not understand @Geoffers747 “frowny face” when they are storming his walls…


I was thinking of a way to ‘lure’ monsters towards my best friend as a d*** move in multiplayer more than anything else. Being able to scare monsters away from your town would be far too easy. Also, Say I send an army to attack my friend but he is already being attacked by goblins, Will the goblins follow my army back to my town if I retreat? I think this would add a bit more realism and danger to both multiplayer and singleplayer.

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i dunno… most of what you are asking is pretty far into the future of SH’s development… luring enemies into traps, sending them at another friendly location… all seem like worthwhile objectives! :smile:

but are probably nowhere near being discussed at this point…

Twirls disco twizzle stick of expectation management and funsies.