Traders and inaccessible settlements

Idk about you guys, but when I start a new settlement on hardcore mode I simply build a pit around me, or make some moats and I’m good until I have proper defenses up. I feel like the game doesn’t yet punish me for that strat (one that I’ve seen a lot of others do as well) and I was thinking about possible ways to “limit” a players settlement for doing this.

So in previous twitch streams (I think it was of frostfeast) the devs talked about wanting to update the trader, and even eventually have the trader physically show up into town, which would be awesome! However, my thought is if the monsters can’t get to your base, the traders shouldn’t be able to either. Sure if you have a door that you gaurd , cool let the trader in. But if you’ve made your town inaccessible to monsters, it should be inaccessible to traders.



It’s a good idea, yes. You could also disable the craftable market stalls as well in such a case.

Another idea: Goblin raids could start generating “Goblin Pioneers” if the game cannot find a valid attack path otherwise, which have the ability to build ladders like hearthlings do :stuck_out_tongue: A pioneer would be less capable in direct combat, and replace a combat unit so the raid group as a whole is weaker. But in return it becomes able to overcome trenches and fortified walls. Of course, if you manage to snipe the pioneer with archers or turrets, the raid group is screwed and leaves you alone… but then that means you engaged in active defense, which is acceptable.

(Partially inspired by yesterday’s play session, where a raid group with two giant ogres managed to get into my town by smashing the gates. Caught me totally off guard, because I pretty much stopped getting attacked after putting my walls in place! But it looks like there’s at least one type of enemy that’s still able to get in, so I need to do a better job and train up an engineer. I think it’s a great feature to have siege-capable enemies, especially if they can be made to show up conditionally when they make sense.)


I totally agree. I really like the goblin pioneer idea!
I also hope as the game continues that goblins will be able to make their own cities that we can find and attack. Instead of small camps that are really easy to destroy. I would love to have a party of my own with some sort of door smasher unit to get through orcs walls.
I’m thinking something like this will have to be implemented anyways if they add PvP to the multiplayer.

Or you could just have worker Goblins put ladders up like worker hearthlings do.

You know you aren’t really playing hardmode correctly if you are just walling yourself in. It’s just boring, all the Youtubers do it as well which is even worse.

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I agree, it is just boring, but its so tempting to do it because its so easy! haha