Traders/ Goblins and Their Agreement?!

I guess this could be considered a form of Balancing.

It strikes me as a little odd that we can get traders while in the middle of the main goblin event. Before the goblin event… yes! After… yes! While it’s still going on? No so much…
I can kinda see it, If you come to a understanding with the goblins (maybe). I still think the traders would rather stay away till the goblins move on, or are forcibly relocated >.>

Just a thought.


hey there @Soul i changed this to suggestions as it seems more of a suggestion then gameplay.

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Cool with me :slight_smile: Was a toss up on my part… TY!

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I think this would be a good mechanic…maybe have it as part of a difficulty thing. Harder difficulties the traders will stay away during “hostile situations” to avoid confrontation. And who knows…maybe there are traders that like to leverage the conflict…sell wares of war at hire prices…

Idk…more ideas to expand upon.

I think in short this would be a good idea with difficulty settings in mind.


I like that train of thought! I really have no clue how (in the future) they will be (the Gob’s), As of late it seems they are very chaotic in nature. Maybe those traders that are willing to take the chance and trade with a village under potential threat from the goblins, could come much later after 2-3 re-rolls of the goblin threat event? Thereby triggering them and maybe they have a specialty item to purchase? (That Might/ Might not help with your goblin issue).