Release r898 Now on Steam Unstable

In this push to unstable, we’ve prioritized work on bug fixes and performance as we move towards our 1.1 release. We’ve also added some improvements to the Travelers system, courtesy of our summer intern, Jack.

Bugfixes and Improvements

  • Fixed some crashing bugs
  • Fixed an issue where buildings would not build due to the system incorrectly thinking they lacked resources
  • Improved performance around combat and patrolling
  • Performance: Tuned appeal and open space systems to avoid doing lots work at the same time
  • Performance: tuned garbage collection to drastically improve some cases of stuttering and lagging
  • Fixed an issue where starting multiple buildings simultaneously could cause instability and/or crashes
  • Added an in-game friends list for inviting Steam friends to join a multiplayer game
  • Fixed items stocked at player market stalls being sold for the incorrect amount
  • Fixed Mason Sign recipe not getting unlocked as a part of the Guildmaster town bonus
  • Fixed immigrants spawning on top of the banner when the banner is in a building or road
  • Fixed an issue that prevented some titan trap events from spawning correctly
  • Fixed some asserts related to conversations and crafting
  • Added various new sound effects for workbenches, monuments, footsteps, harvesting plants, and more
  • Updated to the latest version of SHED


Build up a bustling tourist town! This summer, Jack worked on enhancements to the Travelers system as his intern project. Now, instead of just brief visits to your town, Travelers will spend the day exploring your town, admiring the decorations and attractions around the city, buying items from your Market Trading Shelves, and resting in your designated traveler beds. Satisfied travelers may even leave a gift as compensation for a good stay!

Travelers will begin to consider visiting your town once you have at least one bed Reserved for Travelers, which you can do from the bed assignment menu. They can arrive in the morning or evening, and the number of visitors you get is limited by the number of beds and attractions that you have in your town. Attractions are placed items that include things like hearths, banners, benches, rugs, fountains, trading shelves, and various decorations. The value of the traveler’s gift is based on the city tier and the traveler’s satisfaction, which is based on their appeal score after being in the town plus the quality of the bed they slept on. Higher satisfaction yields better gifts.

:warning:️ Note to modders: If you’d like travelers to interact with one of the placeable items in your mod, add a ‘traveler_attraction’ component to that item’s base entity json.

Also hi everyone that is still on the discourse. :smiley: - Solus


Really excited about the updated traveler system – setting up inns can be more than just an aesthetically pleasing way to handle dormitories, and towns which can support an inn early on might have a way to further supplement their income. This will be wonderful for Rayya’s Children in particular, and will probably help the Northern Alliance significantly too.


Ok, this sounds really really cool and will inspire an entirely new avenue of entertainment, Inn’s EVERYWHERE XD

also, inb4 i gotta add traveler_attraction stuff to a bunch of things :stuck_out_tongue: (got a default item i can copy-paste it from as an example? @Solus ?

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My guess would be any of these items:

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-facepalms- fair enough. happen to have an smod near you paul :stuck_out_tongue: ? currently at work with loads of time to fiddle…but not the new code to dig into XD (specifically the new “tourist attraction” code )