Redstone Empire - Capital City of Ivangrad

After a good discussion with Doctor Neth @Doctor_Neth and the Solace Impeium Council, we agreed to form an alliance between the Solace Impeium and my empire, the Redstone Empire.
While the construction of the Great Wall is going very well, I’m working of few projects about the construction of the entrance of the Dragon Mines (North of Ivangrad and treasure of the city) and once the defensive walls are completed, the real construction of the great Ivangrad shall begin.

Here is a shot of part of the Great Wall (the city is still small but not yet on his final form so further buildings will be underway.

Long live to Ivangrad! Glory to Cid!


Very nice wall! Love the red trim design!

Indeed; I simply follow the rule of ''simple buildings, fast production, but this is just a part of the Great Wall, that should close the eastern side of Ivangrad and the Prosperity Lake and secure the north of the city and the Dragon Mines, only then I’ll concentrate my efforts on the city; my citizens are living peacefully but is only a matter of time when Ivangrad will become the city that I want to create

Looks nice!Just as a warning, enemies who spawn on the hill can walk onto your wall. Really dangerous with kobold archers :wink:

I thought of that, in fact the Great Wall won’t protect just that sector but all around the hills in order to make every access of the city completely protected