My (Failed) Attempt at the Imperial City

I tried (and failed) to create the Imperial City form the Elder Scroll’s Series. You can see the Giant White Gold Tower from Oblivion. I think the walls was the hardest part of the build as the wall making tool is really glitchy when you are outlining a big circle.

Here is the View During the Day time

During Night Time

And an overview of the entire city.

My favorite building, the dinning area.

Residential District

Artisan District

P.S. Do anyone else have a problem with the Room Tools? It really broken on mine. I had to build the entire wall by hand.


really amazing work. I love the elder scrolls series too! As much with the wall tool, I do find it glitchy when it comes to inside buildings and roofs if that is what you are trying to refer to.

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This looks amazing, and I am a huge fan of the elder scrolls series. Really nice design!

What do you mean?
Room tools?

In the build menu You can build a floor to a building and if you click on the auto wall thing. That’s what I meant.

This is the most amazing thing.

I wouldn’t call this a fail!

Yeah, they’re designed to build whole houses rather than rooms as atomic structures. If you need to do anything that’s not a basic room with basic walls, you’ve gotta slab it up.