Rebel Sleepless Wool Hungry Cleric

this one most likely will be quite like a few others. concerns walking as a group… Pics might help:

Believe me this one is persistant. ignore all the lines in the middle, it is the outer line that is the problem. That is my lovely rebel cleric.

Target: Bluebell. I think she was sleep deprived beyond the hunger part. She figured counting sheep was not enough…

Distance to goblin camp that bluebell is. The sheep wanders way too far from it; which I think probably should not happen, and is a bit unsightly, especially how much mr. goblin adores his bluebell…

I thought she was going to do something else. The sheep does not retaliate at all, and seems a bit off; even if my cleric is in need of sleep.

No I did not kill the sheep, as I refuse to let her do that. I had to move her back to camp which as you saw in the first pic is a fairly long way; or well a lot of walking anyway. I had to put up a defend command on her so she would do what she needed most. Sleeping was first priority although in her case it was broken sleep. I got attacked several times…

Does 181 combat equal orcs/ogres? cause that was what I was getting, among the wolves. I have not even completed the goblin campaign. I do have 1 of each class, in fact just promoted one to knight on the last day of this session.

The bug, I guess would be 2 things.

  1. Bluebell’s wandering habits being too far from the camp and master.
  2. My cleric persisting to attack bluebell when not in defend mode.

She has mindset to stick with the poor sheep no matter what. I also noticed her spotting range is fanominal. (don’t know how to spell that one.) LOS on cliffside, and even moving her more than 60 blocks away didn’t reset her. As soon she gets back to town it is back to having that wool. Effectively defecting from the unison patrol of the others.

This is the first time booting up since the change. She was the only one that didn’t go along with the troop as a party member. Granted if there was something along the way, she will refocus; but as soon as she is done, it is back to that sheep.

Not sure what is going on, but I am guessing it has something to do with marking the sheep as enemy or enemy property. She seems to see the sheep no matter what, and goes after it. I’ll provide a save, but the sheep is closest to the cliff with it, and they are in defense mode. I reloaded only once to see if the behavior stuck, but didn’t do a rebooting of the game. I just know it doesn’t work on reload.

that and I found it a little odd/funny in a way that she was the only one that wanted the sheep.
Steps to reproduce:

Expected Results:

  1. Sheep to stay quite a bit closer to home.
  2. To not attack sheep, especially when out of LOS or pathing to it is too long. Really I don’t think it should be treated for slaughter, or maybe should be in a pen of some kind like the wolf camp.
    Actual Results:
  3. Sheep wanders just like the wildlife.
  4. Persistence to attack sheep.

Noticed before this patch they would not pay attention normally to any enemies walking along the cliffside, but now any enemy that gets close to my smith, effectively a watch tower, ends up target for my military. Before they didn’t do that until they reached the only ladder up which is quite a walk around the valley cliff before getting down to the valley. Not sure if that has to do with LOS or just pathing in general. Don’t know what is different from patch before beyond group keeping together. I don’t mind that, although the persistence of my cleric noticing first is a bit… unsettling due to focus on the sheep.

Any other questions I’ll be gladly to answer best I can. :smiley:

stonehearth.log (686.6 KB) (8.9 MB)

Version Number and Mods in use:
A17 3023 no mods; all default.


That’s an enemy sheep, a one that spawns along side the camp (it’s the chief’s pet)

The problem here would be that thte cleric spotted the sheep a long time ago, and didn’t untarget the sheep until this point

It’s probably gonna get fixed, but if your soldier’s saw an enemy, they will keep on trying to figt them regardless of the distance

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Yeah I know it is enemy sheep, hence the wanting it to be somewhat contained in the enemy camp similar to how the wolf camp is designed.

The cleric was the only one that was determined to go after sheep, and LOS was not there when she first started going after the sheep. Of course now the sheep in on the cliff edge… Sooooo… Regardless I think it makes it difficult to tame when I get a shepard if lambchops is all they want from it.

the sheep was in the middle of the forest on the mountain, so LOS isn’t quite good. Pathing…

When I booted up the game is when the cleric decided the sheep would be a target after a battle near the smith. Even from that point the LOS was no direct sight of it, as it was further in among the trees.

I thought trees were things to block LOS when spotting something. But the other military units simply didn’t even react. There were at least a couple near the cleric when the cleric decide to solo. So if it was spotted by cleric, then why was it not spotted by the other military unit that was with her at the time?

So basically she technically didn’t see out of LOS, but more likely pathing I would think, as trees would be in the way; and not to mention the mountain cliffs. Not sure how she even saw, but know when she did start doing so, and only her. That is the confusion. Not sure if there is a LOS though, for the exception of archer targeting.

Unfortunately the pics don’t show her initial starting, as like I said it started in that session. In the prior the sheep was roughly in the same area and was not targeted. Can’t really say on how, I just know it was like you put it. Doesn’t make any sense, unless the terrain itself was invisible.

But yeah I posted due to the odd behavioral occurrence with a possible suggestion. At least for the dear sheep. Still confused… Maybe I am just not understanding how spotting/LOS works, if that is the case.:confused:

Yeah I had a fighter that suddenly decided that the goblin chief needed to die even though he was on the other side of the map. I forgot to keep her in check for a moment and suddenly the chief died :smile:

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