Rayocku's & Avairian's Creations

Disclaimer: By no means am i saying im good at making anything in Qubicle Creations
Now that that’s out of the way :stuck_out_tongue:

Viking helmet
:Imgur: The magic of the Internet

Fighting gauntlet’s
:Imgur: The magic of the Internet

Leave some feedback please!
Thanks :smiley:


@Rayocku yes… and m0ar please! :smiley:

but seriously, you seem to be yet another pixel guru… very well done … not much in the way of criticism, as the helm was spot on…

perhaps the front of the gauntlet could be slimmed down? dunno… looks intimidating to me… :wink:

I was thinking that but i would have to cut off the thumb!
ill think of something :stuck_out_tongue: thanks for the feedback, much appreciated!

Well I’m not a pro artist either but since you went with the armor first, I figured I’d go with a critter. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Meet the baby harp seal:

I actually kind of like how this lil fella came out. I’d love any feedback anyone has!


I like the designs the seal will especially fit in with the arctic biom

well done… so “simple” and yet, so terribly cute… i almost regret wanting to kill it and see what loot he drops…

what? you were all thinking it… :stuck_out_tongue:


That just made my day ^^

@SteveAdamo =O He is to cute to kill! lols

I was afraid he was a little to simple, but I’m glad you guys like him!

make it a lute, and you have yourself a downloaded mod from me… :wink:


Decided to take a shot at furniture. Created a table based on the model shown in one of the livestreams. Also had some inspiration to try and design a bonsai tree. Here they are…


Bonsai Tree and Table:

ok, the talent we already have in the forum, clearly outweighs the demand we have for new items…

i love it @Avairian … feel free to throw anything else together you like, as you are clearly another talented voxel pirate…

Thanks, it really means a lot! I’m not a very talented drawer or painter so it feels good to be fairly competent at this type of art. =)

I’m working on a few new things as I watch the live-stream, as well as an update for the bonsai tree to make it look less blocky. Might upload them sometime tomorrow.

excellent… looking forward to it! :slight_smile:

Sticking to the Japanese theme I have done some work on the bonsai tree I posted last as well as created my first draft at two pieces of samurai yoroi (armor); the kobuto (helmet) and dō (chest armor).

Updated Bonsai Tree:

Samurai Armor and Helmet:

Next task is possibly creating some of the traditional samurai and peasant weapons as well as a few armor variants. I’ll also look into a few suggestions if anyone has any.

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Ill be posting more soon!

wow, missed the Samurai update… impressive work! hope we get to see more of your models in the future… :smiley:

the only constructive feedback i might offer is to tweak his helmet a bit, to break up some of the top and bottom portions… overall though, i really like the model…

Thanks @SteveAdamo! Yeah I wasn’t quite happy with the helmet yet but decided to upload it anyways (my first version was 10x worst though =P).

I’ve been a bit busy with life so I haven’t messed with cubicle lately but don’t worry, I’ll make something soon. :smile:

excellent! looking forward to it… will we possibly have some more Asian influenced models? :smiley:

I have a deep love for Japanese culture as I’ve been training in various Japanese martial arts/sciences for the past 10 years, so you will definitely see a lot more of that influence in my future models. I’ve leven been toying around with a few mod ideas as well. :smile:


Back from vacation!

Going to be moving to a fresh, official Topic later on this weekend/early next week as I think I have convinced the inexperienced programmer in me to develop a mod. :scream:

In the meantime though I figured I’d post a little something to hint at what I’ve been working on. (The mockup was a little rushed, but keep in mind no samurai were actually impaled by a sheathed sword during it’s making. :wink:)