Rapidly swiching targets

I send my army to attack a small goblin camp and my units rapidly switch targets. they just keep running back and forth. switching back and forth between two goblins or a goblin and the firepit
Steps to reproduce:

  1. get an army
  2. send them near a small goblin camp
  3. close enough that they will start attacking

Expected Results:
pick one target and attack until dead
Actual Results:
rapidly switching targets and running back and forth
the only way I could get them to kill the goblins instead of running back and forth is to manually target an enemy one by one until they were all dead

Version Number and Mods in use:
develop - 2955
System Information:

if you have pathing visible you can see the same thing happening during building, looting, harvesting, etc. I’ve even seen it with hearthlings going up and down a latter. If a hearthling has two precisely equidistant choices they’ll flop back and forth rather than picking and committing.

I have pathfinding visible. it only happens when I attack small goblin camps it doesn’t happen when attacking anything else. I’ve tried it multiple times. It happens every time. and it will go on forever without stopping unless i manually target an enemy