I said move! i didnt say attack!

I have noticed on a few occasion that when giving the order to move without attacking they run a few steps attack before running right back at a nearby target.
sometimes they end up getting themselves killed ( or knocked out)

I don’t want them attacking the goblin chief yet but when ordering them to move without attacking they end up killing him.

tried reloading a few times and that’s not doing it ive had to resort to ‘teleporting’ him away from the area so they don’t attack him

im noticing this as well with the other attack options. if you select a single target they will still head for the closest hostile near them rather then going for the one you are telling them to attack

There are a few things which can override an existing order – most of them are some variant of being taunted or attacked; or it could be that the order is interrupted and the hearthling looks for a new job. If that second case happens, the enemy nearby will be the highest priority job available.

I’m not discounting the possibility of some bug here; just pointing out that there are a few other variables at play. However, all those options are usually quite obvious to see, so I’m sure that the dev team will want to take a closer look at what’s going on.

I did forget about the taunting. but for some of the Hearthlings that are farther away are doing the same thing
any ideas how far the taunt would work?

I haven’t seen it and I’m not totally sure that any enemies even have a taunt ability – perhaps the ogres, which are supposed to be “tanks”, might? – but if such an ability does exist then it would need to have significant range to be any use.

Another thought which springs to mind is that it might be a trait causing this – there’s one which makes hearthlings much more likely to seek out a fight.

For the ones farther away, are they combat classes and part of the same party as the taunted/lured hearthling? If so, they may simply be targeting the same enemy as their party member is.

Which version is this?
Sounds like they get aggro’ed. If the flag is close to enemies, they will go to them even if the flag is move-only (and then move to the flag). Because of the aggro, they see the enemies on their range so they go to attack them. But then, we barely have an option to make them retreat, other than placing a Move order closer to the town / far away from the enemies. Which sometimes might not be enough, and definitely not intuitive :confused:

You sure the “attack target” toast is on the enemy and not on the ground?

This sounds bad. So they attack once, then go to the flag? Or they attack until they kill the enemy first?

hot headed is the trait if im not mistaken I can see one or 2 people looking for the fight but 12 Hearthlings is probably a no :thinking:

its the newest test branch

the first issue : im clicking on a single target. I have made sure that its on a mob and not on the ground

the second one : its neither they run toward the flag ( 2 or 3 steps) then make a b line right to the enemy , in this case it was the goblin chieftain

Hothead will only attack if he’s attacked, regardless if he’s a combat class or not. But if he’s following a combat command, that takes precedence over the trait.

Can’t reproduce this. Although they will rotate towards the enemy with highest aggro between each attack to the targeted enemy.

Can’t reproduce this either. They are going to the “move” flag first, even if they get attacked in the way. Once they reach the flag it disappears, and they will attack if they noticed enemies nearby, because of the aggro.

For the “attack target” flag on the ground, they will attack first, then go to the flag. It’s “attack anything in the way”.

Is the problem that to return back to the town they have to pass close to the goblin camp?
If you place the Move order in the town, they shouldn’t attack him.

Then please upload the savefile so that we can take a look at it :slightly_smiling_face:
There was a bug some versions ago that messed with combat, who knows if there are still broken edge cases.

I started a new game to see if ill have the same issues ill upload both savegames if it continues im wanting to see if its something I did or missed

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