How to stop attacking?

After having a skirmish with the first goblin campaign I’m trying to upgrade my footsolider to a knight but they keep running back into the middle of the goblin camp. No matter what commands or how far into my town I run them, they always turn back.

Shouldn’t there be a way to say “reset” so they only run to defend the town if something comes too close?


have you destroyed the goblin camp pieces (loot chest, huts, etc) yet?

earlier today a ran into a similar/the same problem where my archer kept running back to the camp even though he was hungry, so i had to let him destroy everything before he would go eat…

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there absolutely should be a disengage option. Especially if your city is walled and your troops actually have a place to retreat to.

yea, but if I let them go back they will loose :slight_smile: I need them to stay for a bit so I can create more and build up. But i’m literally running them back and forth to death in the process since they won’t stay and eat.

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I’ve got this same problem. Only way to stop them is to assign them to another job than soldier. All my soldiers just head straight into their death (armed goblin camp). I can command them to get back to the village, but after the command they turn and head to the camp again. They won’t equip better stuff either, they just want the goblins dead eventhough they will die doing so.

Hello @Suomu, which version are you playing?

I’m playing the version 0.16.0 (release 559) .x64 build

Hmm I’m sure @sdee mentioned several times that the “Move” command should clear the target tables of the footmen.

But I don’t know if they would engage again if the camp was close enough to your town. :sweat:

Here’s a screenshot I took. Is the camp near enough to trigger attacks?

(Btw those zombies appeared recently, problem was already before those spawned closer than the camp)

Edit: I’ve managed to make footman stop attacking the goblin camp.
I built two little walls to seal off the village, so that no one can leave. Then I reassigned footman to worker and back to footman. After that footman has been patrolling the village and picked up better gear.

assigning a move target def does not clear the attack target regardless of distance it seems, so if that is the intention, this is a bug.

The view-distance of footmen is 64 blocks, I believe. If you move them anywhere within 64 blocjs range of an enemy, they will attack.

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perhaps 64 blocks is a bit high? I’d rather they not go attack things than go attack things without warning.