Ranged Mechanics

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So, my suggestion was that you can customize the way ranged weapons work. So, let’s say that you have a catapult, and it’s somewhat weak… you can directly modify it yourself! (This could be done before you even have the catapult made, and such.) So basically, this offers much more customization in your battle tactics.

What you’d be able to do to catapults, and possibly other ranged weapons of that type:

  • Customize the mechanisms in the catapult, by making it more powerful, shooting further, it being able to carry more/heavier stuff… etc…

  • Add little automated things to it, such as some kind of motor to make it more powerful, and such.

This could lead to some nice ways to battle… like having shorter ranged, but more powerful catapults at the front firing range, and longer range, but weaker catapults at the back.

But, the catapults would need to be balanced as well, to stop you just putting everything on the catapult and having it over-powered.

So for instance, if you were making it carry heavier/more stuff, it would fire a shorter distance and be more powerful, or if you were focusing on the range of the catapult, it would only carry lightweight stuff and do less damage.

Oh, and this is all a concept. I’m not even sure if catapults are going to be in the game!

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Like an iron catapult arms make it throw more stones, but since its heavier, not as far? This is a really good idea for more modular creations in game.
Also, making them throw a single large stone, or a pile of many stones, or a diseased cow. Different ammo types would also add more variation.

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I agree. There should also be multiple different ammo types.

Diseased cow? I’m liking this. In medieval warfare, they flung diseased corpses of plague victims over the city walls. We need Stonehearth biological warfare!


These things can also be said to be done to other ranged units, such as bowmen/crossbowmen, or even non-ranged units like swordsmen and spearmen. While you are trying to focus on ranged units, also think about some other implementations as well.

well, we have this thread, which touches on catapults and other ranged weapons… but you thread is more on the customization of said weapons, as opposed to their inclusion in general…

YES! Quick! make this thread!

I would be all sorts of in agreement, and perhaps in a fantasy whatever we make the rule wek make them… but in reality have you seen the latest punkin chunkin contests? There is a veritable army of people making any kind of catapult. If you are looking for how different ranges and weights affect the different styles of catapults you have it there, anything from man powers, to torsion powers, to weight driven, to air cannons… distances ranging from 50ft to 4.5kft.

So in recap, look for punkin chunkcin to get a realistic expectation on the power of the catapult, and its portability or lack thereof.


i’ve enjoyed watching these competitions for the past several years… the ingenuity and engineering (often) on display makes me feel simultaneously awed by their abilities, and scared for our future as a species… :smile: