Extra game-mechanics, (I.e. range of archers on high buildings)

I love how Hearthlings get a bonus when eating while sitting on a chair. This kind of mechanics make it really interesting to place them, not only because it looks good. I would really like to see more of these mechanics, especially if it affects combat. This way, it for example really matters when you build a wall higher than 2 blocks high ;). It also makes combat, and gameplay in general, more dynamic overall. The real suggestions are the examples in the next list:

  • It would be nice if the use of a tower would lead to an increased shooting range; when an archers shoots from 2 blocks high, the range is extended by 1, from 4 blocks high, an increase by 1.7 or so. The used equation should lead to a limit to prevent exploitation.

  • Battlements provide cover against enemy ‘archers’. While this is probably pretty hard to implement, it could be simplified to adding cover when a parapet of one block high is in front of the archer. It could also be simplified as a small increase in ranged defense.

  • Day or Night, sunny or rainy; combat changes The meteorologic circumstances changes the battle and the way of life in the village. I.e.: zombies are stronger in the night, and our Hearthling soldiers are weaker, unless they are near a fireplace or torch or other light source. This could imply that during the day, the player attacks a zombie-camp because otherwise the player gets attacked during the night. Wolves could need hibernation (which is when they are the weakest) and the player should attack the pack before spring arrives.

  • Destroyable blocks (and therefore walls) and doors . This is probably suggested somewhere and no idea how hard it is to implement, but it could mean that it matters how thick walls are, and how many you have, or how wel they are guarded.

I’ll probably add other mechanics later on. I really hope it is of some use, this was my first post on this forum; I hope I did well :slight_smile:. Also, English is not my native language, but I hope it is understandable.
Anyway, I love how the game evolves… can’t wait till tomorrow when a the new desktop Tuesday arrives! :grinning:


Rain reducing archer’s range would seem the obvious one. Wet bowstrings.


Welcome @Epstra!

  • For the moment archers are not implemented but bonus for extra range will certainly be added. Same for “ammunition”, fist to fist weapon (check out Legolas), better arrows, etc.

  • Same idea. You can imagine that being perched will increase your armor or give you a block chance.

  • No weather for the moment but yeah absolutely. Why not being inspired by Darkest Dungeon or another game. You can even push this idea further: having a torch increase your accuracy for archer and/or footman, …

  • That will probably be implemented just because having fences yet protect you from any danger (wolves that can’t jump over fences :unamused:). Doors more fragile than walls, left scaffolding helping enemies passing through your defences, pathfinding for the most fragile area of your city, etc. Everything must and will be well thought :smiley:


Thanks for the welcome and very nice ideas! I really hope they will be implemented, and good point about the fences :wink:.

Hey @Epstra!,

First off, great ideas!

Secondly, you’re English was very well written in that post, so no worries there!

Third and finally, as to your last suggestion… about destroyable blocks. Good news! Although it’s not a common topic of discussion, Physical Destruction will be implemented into the game. However details on the feature are pretty scarce.

From what I remember from one of their Twitch streams is that Destruction will occur in this manner:

Every building can be destroyed. If a catapult hurls a rock at a building, the blocks impacted will be destroyed. After the assumed battle is over, you can tell your Hearthlings to replace any missing blocks from said structure.

And of course, I have to mention that that sort of feature will not be implemented for quite a while, and surely is subject to change!

So, all in all, we’ll have to see!

…Made this reply WAY longer than it needed to be…

Haha, but again, great ideas!