Radish is faster than pumpkin

The radish grows faster than the pumpkin. I dont think ground quality matter so much right now. Maybe it does, then discard this bug report.

Steps to reproduce:
Plant pumpkin,
Plant radish.
Radish grows faster.

Image shows radish ready before the pumpkin.

Is that a bug? (I don’t think it is)

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turnip 6h - 20 satis 24 with chiar
pumpkin 7h - 20 satis 24 with chair
corn 33h - 30 satis 35 with chair

hmmmm i think it should be changed to

pumpkin 6h - 15 satis and 19 with chair
turnip 10h - 22 satis and 27 wotj chair
corn 33h - 50 satis and 55 with chair

but this will be definitly changed when they add the personalities like hunger etc. at the moment its all timetriggered ^^


I read a post that radish is supposed to grow slower than pumpkin but taste better than a pumpkin.

Radish is meant to be the fastest growing crop atm

officialy has leetcat right ^^ at first it was turnip (because there was only turnips xD) later it should be the pumpkins ^^

if you want to change this you can go to stonehearth\entities\crops\pumpkin_crop\pumpkin_crop.json and change “growth_period” : “7h”, to 6h and the same for the turnip :wink:

Moving this over to game play as it’s not a bug.


i think it is kind of a bug, as it says in the in game plant list that pumpkins are the fastest growing than any but also the worst tasting… either a bug, or text (in-game) update is needed

Its not a Bug more an incorrect typo :wink: @tom

Thanks for the support.

ok i have just re-read the grow-list and to be honest (i sware it said one was faster than the other) it actually only says turnips - fast growing/Pumpkins - fast growing sorry @leetcat but i do agree it should say which one is actually faster

i have checked my old translations andddd yes there was this discription xD … was ^^

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