Vegetable or Fruit (not a real Bug)

While working on something I was looking through the game files of the Stonehearth smod.
And I stumbled upon a (very) little, for me, disturbing tag in the json files of the
golden gourd
prickly pear

I know that stonehearth is in a fantasy world :wink: but currently the only fruit in the game is the berry and you can argue if a (example)watermelon is a fruit or vegetable.
But this game is missing some fruits.

That is why I think, if it is possble, that at least the prickly pear or one or two of the other current vegetables should be made into a fruit only or a crossover of fruit and vegetable.

I have too much time on my hands :smiley:


I always thought of watermelon as a fruit, but I think the reason why we don’t have a lot of fruits in-game right now is because fruits tend to grow on trees, which would take probably awhile to implement.

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In culinary terms prickly pears and watermelons are used as fruit while gourds and pumpkins are prepared like vegetables, so I’d reclassify prickly pears and watermelons.


Yeah. The scientific definitions are all kinds of messed up (see: “what is a berry?” - a question which my friends and I spent a whole year arguing about off and on after we decided the scientific definition we googled didn’t make sense) so classifying crops based on their culinary use makes more sense.

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