Minor Bug: Wheat grows too darn fast

I suspect someone set the growth_period of wheat very low for testing purposes and forgot to assign a final time for release.

Currently, the growth_period is set to 3h. By comparison:
Turnip 6h
Carrot 7h
Pumpkin 8h
Corn 18h

The problem with such a low growth_period is that even a single 11x11 patch will produce wheat so quickly that a pair of farmers will have barely finished harvesting the crop and planting a new set of wheat before it is time to harvest it again! It’s pretty much impossible to grow anything else when you’re growing a moderate bit of wheat.

I suggest the growth_period for wheat be set to somewhere in the 9h-12h range. Wheat takes longer to grow than any of the other crops in reality, but growth_period is balanced ingame by the value of the crop. You might want to adjust the amount of wheat it takes to make flour to compensate for the slower growth cycle.


Agreed and disagree. Corn grows faster then wheat. Spring wheat take 5 months and winter wheat take 9 months to grow and summer corn take 2-3 months to grow

This. also wool.

Wool and wheat everywhere.

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That’s why I mentioned that ingame times are actually as much about the value of the crop as it is about any real world growth times. Corn is the slowest growing because it is the most expensive crop by a large chunk.

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I’ve noticed this as well, and I’m pretty sure Tom is aware that wheat grows really fast, he said so in one of the streams!

I had a 10x6 patch, fairly small, and they were still harvesting and replanting and harvesting again because by the time they finished the rest of the field it was time to harvest the other one again!