[NLA] Just noticed my first set of bugs :D

i created my first farmer 20 mins ago… she was planting radishes… then i made a wheat farm, and nothing happend… she still farmed radishes… i saved the game while i went to the shops… when i reloaded… she still wouldnt work the wheat farm… a goblin attacked… she was wondering amelessly after the attack… i knew she was bugged… i made another farmer… HE ONLY WORKS ON THE RADISHES! lol

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wheat? where did you get the wheat? or did i just miss a new feature…

I think he means corn.

wheat… corn whatever lol… its that tall yellow thing next to the raddashis/turnips… w/e they are called… i’m a brit :’(

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@8BitCrab when he have wheat he would use the cookmod from froggy but it shouldnt be compatible with the new release because of the new ui ^^

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I’m a Brit too, And I can confirm we have corn! On a serious note yeah it’s defiantly corn, I have the odd moment I say wheat and then realise it’s corn :stuck_out_tongue: However did you try removing the farm plot and re-placing it? Your farmers are probably being bullied into making a giant Turnip farm, Damn Goblins!


Fortunately, the new build actually tells you what each crop is, and how fast it grows plus how much satisfaction it gives your hearthlings.


Pumpkins are fast but yucky
Corn is slow but yummy
Turnips are in the middle on both axis.

ahhhhhhh SPOILER!!! LOL thats alrady known :wink: and for my first tests i have changed the growthtime to 1 hour - Instantfood xD prob the workers only run from field to stockpile and do mostly nothing other xD

wait… howcome im not seeing that (i have the steam version)

did you start a new world after the update, or use an old save?

new world… still alpha 8 on steam

ohhh my bad… im used to steam AUTO updating… forgot about opting in to betas… sorry


haha, glad you found the source of the problem, @SteveAdamo @Relyss could perhaps close this now?

well yes, i suppose this issu IS resloved, so this topic can now be colsed

roger roger!

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