Race idea: lizardfolk

Ok, I highly doubt this idea will happen do to how well different the idea is from the current races and planned ones.

Lizard folk hearthlings
native lands: forest areas
starter building designs: based on Mayan and Aztec buildings.
culture: hunters and stone masons.
starting build item: masons tools.

lore: lizard folk are one of the oldest races out there, with there culture spreading throughout thousands of years. Though most of that was lost in a war with the dwarves do to them mining out the celling of a city with out knowing it.

play changes
+start with a mason, can make stone hoes from the mason (unique to them)
+meat preference higher chance to have the carnivore trait.


I would love to see a kingdom like this :slight_smile:

Sounds like a good idea for a mod.

to bad the modding stuff seems to be over my head. but if any one can tell me the program used to make the models in game. I might be able to make models for some one else to use for a concept like this.

though if it uses blender then I am out, can’t understand that for the life of me and I have taken a class in using it.

Devs use Qubicle for modelling and Maya for animation. I usually stick to MagicaVoxel and Blender as free alternatives.
If you want to mod in something as complex as a new race, you’ll probably need Qubicle.

ok, will have to wait to get that then. now all I need is scale, and once I get it I will try making some models just to see if I can.

Regarding model scale, you could browse your Stonehearth folder for existing models; they can be imported to both Qubicle and Magica Voxel.

Copy the “stonehearth.smod” found in […/Steam/steamapps/common/Stonehearth/mods] and then rename the copy so that it ends with .zip instead - it’s now a regular zip-archive, and you can freely browse any model :slight_smile:
(I would suggest you to put the “stonehearth.zip” or unarchived counterpart anywhere outside of your Stonhearth folder-tree)

Best of luck; would love to see these ideas!


I am sad, uh what files are the model ones and how to I view them? I just want to make my lizards. though I do not think I will be able to mod them in or do modding.

that and I realized this idea would require things like stone beds, and new crops for the lizards.

Within stonehearth.zip (or your unarchived counterpart) your file-structure should look something like this:

  • ai
  • call_handlers
  • components
  • entities

All these folders contain different models; however, in your case, I believe the 7th folder - entities - is of most interest.
Within the entities folder, there is a folder named humans. All files ending with .qb (e.g., body.qb) can be opened via e.g. Qubicle (pay-to-use software) or MagicaVoxel (free software).

Currently, I’ve only tried MagicaVoxel. It’s really easy to use imo - and I’ve never worked with voxels before!
However, I’ve seen on these formus that it may be a bit harder to animate models created in MagicaVoxel as you will lack matrices (I’m guessing this is individual parts within a bigger model which can be moved freely from eachother).

For now, to get started and see if you find it easy enough to model Lizards, I would suggest you to get MagicaVoxel and play around by altering the human-models and save these as new files of your own.
Then, if you do decide you want to animate them to, you can get Cubicle later on and create the matrices from your models :slight_smile:

have magicaVoxel and it is not able to open the qb files. this is seriously frustraiting me.

This is how I do it:

  1. Open MagicaVoxel
  2. Drag .qb-file from folder into MagicaVoxel window
  3. “Save As” a new file in “my mod”-folder with a good, descriptive name
  4. Go crazy on that model!

Does this work for you, @warbrand2?

yep that worked thanks.

Any time, glad it works for you!
Now, set forth your inner lizard and bring your babies life :slight_smile:

well I got the body and head model done… no clue where to go from here. I don’t know if I mentioned this but all I am really good at is modeling things. (seriously check out a game called running with rifles, several models in that game are made by me, never got paid but eh was mod work.)

going to do all the model parts though, male and female and hair (going to do horns). cause atleast that stuff I can do. will offer it as a resource or for offical work I don’t care.

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I like it so far - really good job! Only input I got is that I feel like the eyes are lacking depth.
Everything else got nice details and depth, so I feel like I expect it from the eyes, too :slight_smile:
(I would also suggest you to export these as .qb-files just in case you will switch to Qubicle down the line; the export-option is most likely in the lower right of your MagicaVoxel window)

You mentioned something about stone beds and new crops; perhaps now is the time to start look at such items?
Again, you can find models in the stonehearth.zip (furniture) and work your way from there if you want to :slight_smile:

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ok, will finish up the lizard, going ot give the female a slightly different model (more brown in color less colors on face).

uh what all do I need for the model files, right now have done a body, two heads, and two “hairs” (horns). no clue if I am doing the right files.

and the stone bed will be easy, just need to find the clay one for a base.

modeling I can do, and yeah looked at Qubicle, looks good but in order to use it completely I am going to have to buy 2 different things for it then down load a few QoL extensions. MagicaVoxel is at least working right out and is close to the editor I am use to using. though with out having ot deal with command promp lines and a limited to RGB color pallet.

that said, all said and done I can literally get every model needed for this done in an afternoon.

Sorry, I don’t really know that much about modding Stonehearth - did my very first look at working with models (and mods) in Stonehearth (and any game for that matter) yesterday.

However, I’d say simply browse the models found in the original pack and make your decision from there.
It’s your mod and your call how much you want/need in it, right? :wink:
I think what you should focus on first is:

  • models that represent the parts of your Hearthlings/Lizards
  • models that represent the way of life of your Lizards (stone beds, stone tables if you need new ones, stone chairs if you need new ones, later on maybe even bluprints for houses?)
  • ways to reach the items already existing in Stonehearth (e.g., to be able to promote to Carpenter and get access to all exisitng Carpenter items?)
  • Different clothes for different jobs/profession (Worker, Mason, Farmer, etc)

These would be my guesses/suggestions at least :slight_smile:

ok… well I will at least do the models for the base and release it as a resource for anyone to use. If the devs see this you are free to use what I release with out needed to credit or compensate at least with me. I do this stuff cause I have nothing else to do.

file contains.

lizard base, male and female. (female is slimmer and brown, male is “fatter” and green.)
stone bed.

don’t have any other concepts for this yet and blueprints should be easy to do in game.

uh any one know how to rig things together so I can see how the lizards look in game?

I can’t figure this stuff out.

Instead of Forest why not marshlands or an Archipelago?