Differentiate the tombstones

Now that’s an awesome addition imo - good thinking, Gaddiel!

I woke up this morning thinking about this idea of yours; and I guess (for now?) a mod could do it!
So, obviously I had to have a go at making some models for it :slight_smile:

I increased the size of the tombstones to about twice the size of a regular one and was able to quickly add some details. Imgur: The magic of the Internet
This is my very first attempt at Stonehearth models, but I tried to stay true to the vanilla-style of the tombstone.
If I were ever to try my hand at making a mod, I would have to create a tombstone for the footmen and for the trapper, too. (And, of course, also work on the outer edge of the tombstones and not only the very center)

I think it should be possible to keep the original size of the tombstones and have less detailed “markings” - however, after making the carpenter version I believe I will have a hard time going to something less detailed :smile:


I really like all of them, but the herbalist not quite as much.

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That’s really nice of you - thanks! :smiley:
I do agree regarding the Herbalist tombstone; and I would also claim that the Cleric and Shepherd tombstones need some additional work.

But this was simply something I quickly put together to try my hand at MagicaVoxel; I just wanted to see if the idea by @TheRedBaron91 was viable - and now I can say I really think it is! :slight_smile:
Perhaps I can put in some additional work later this week. If I do, I will provide a new link.


Nice thombstones @Hamnisu, I will be waiting for the outcome of that additional work.

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That’s ever so kind - thank you, @nikosthefan!

I will try to make some time for MagicalVoxel in the morning (in about 14 hours from me, give or take) to have a look at the Herbalist, Trapper, and Footman tombstones.

Scratch that! I couldn’t sleep and did some modeling now instead.

I remade all the tombstones, and I made them in two different versions: Stonehearth Tombstones, Version 1 against Version 2 - Album on Imgur (myself I prefer Version 2)
What do you think of the Herbalist tombstone this time around @coasterspaul and @nikosthefan? (edit, clarification: the Herbalist tombstone is the one with a small healing tonic - between the Shepherd and Cleric tombstones)

Myself I’m not too happy with the Footman tombstone; other than that I think this is better :slight_smile:

Once all the tombestones for all current jobs finally were completed I realized I had made an idiotic mistake - the width of these tombstones are 23 voxels.
I believe “one block” in Stonehearth is 11 voxels wide, so a 23 voxel wide model will not perfectly align with two blocks and will be enough to upset players even without ODC ^^
Thus, I shall remake all models some day and make them 22 voxels wide instead. Until then, any feedback is highly appreciated.


I think I also prefer version 2, it’s a little clearer without the deep cuts.

One terrain/building block is typically 10 furniture/character voxels, but the game does let you set custom scales for everything.

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Really? That’s awesome! Thanks for letting me know, @coasterspaul.
Perhaps there is no need to remake all the models then after all :slight_smile: …unless possible feedback says otherwise :wink:

What class is the one with the sun and the little corns?

the one immediatly above the shepheard.

I cant tell for what class that is.

I was trying to mimic the trap and target from the Trapper icon - it’s hard to catch though, I agree, but I could not think of another image that says “Trapper” :slight_smile:

maybe a pelt?

Or the trapper knife?

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Oooh, a pelt - don’t know why I didn’t think of that, but I think I’ll try that next time. Thanks!
I had a go with the Trapper’s Knife but I was not happy with how it turned out - maybe I’ll try again though :slight_smile:

Thank you for your suggestions!

I am loving the enthusiasm you are putting itno these models.

I am just a little sad that this has to be over the passing of the little hearthlings :’(


on’t really prefer version one or version two, except for with the cook’s thombstone. There, version two, i think, is better. For the pictures, most of them are still the same (already liked them), but I did see some improvements in the blacksmith’s thombstone, the engineers thombstone and the herbalist thombstone.

I really like the addition of the hammer for the blacksmith.

The gear of the enhiners thombstone is better recognisable as a gear, no that it is not inset with the grooves inset evn further. It looked a bi like a wheel the previous time, so this is an improvement.

The potion for the herbalist is better recognizable than the staff. I think that is because the silouette of a potion is better made clear as a potion than that of a herbalist staff as a staff, scince it is just a stick. The potion an improvement as well.

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It was fun trying my hand at MagicaVoxel and it feels really good being back at doing something creative again - so I guess I went a little bit crazy, huh :wink:
And I agree, it’s odd that I feel so invested into something I hope to never seen in the game to be honest.

Thank you for your feedback, really do appreciate it! And I’m glad you were able to catch the small improvements I threw in there :smiley:
I think I prefer version 2 on a few of them, too - so I’d say version 2 is the way to go.

Seeing how I was just sitting here doing nothing of use, I went ahead and tried making a tombstone with a pelt on it.
I’m not sure if it really looks like a pelt though.


Yup, that’s a pelt.

Although I have worked with pelt models, trying to make pelt racks of them, so i may recognise pelts more easily.

I dunno, but it looks like a pelt to me.

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I shall consider you biased until futher notice :wink: haha
I do appreciate your feedback though; ever so kind!

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Wow, these are great! I do like the version 2 better. My only consideration, if people still aren’t too thrilled with the herbalist, maybe a flower instead of a potion?

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Thank you, that’s ever so kind!
I agree regarding version 2 > version 1 :slight_smile:

Personally I like the potion, but I could have a go with a flower some time - thank you for the suggestion! :thumbsup:

This tombstones are really lovely :heart_eyes: good job. Can’t wait to see it in action!

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