🐰 Rabbit Race/Nok Empire WIP

Rise of the Nok Empire in Alpha 21-22!! :smiley:

I’m really new to the forum and in mods I do not have any knowledge, this mod that I’ve been doing for a long time was with a lot of trial and error, it still has a lot of problems, so I will not upload the download link, create this mod already That I wanted the rabbits to be not only npc but were a playable race, the mod as it is now only managed to work everything except the works, whenever I try to modify a job or just change the dress all the mod begins to fail for what Which I have no idea how to continue, I found a possible solution using the client.lua to load another manifest, but when I load the game, the textures are lost as if the second manifest is not loaded but if the ui of the nok are maintained.

I will develop it over time and if I can solve even the problem of the work I will upload so that they can use my little nok rabbits.

This is a very alpha version, i still woriking on it, a have much problems with the time :persevere:
nok.smod (4.8 MB)

  • Updated Contend:
    New Job “Chief”
    Currently has the same skills and buff as the knight, the difference is that the chief is stronger and I will incorporate buff that benefit the rabittling, the reason to create this job is similar to creating a king or queen, only the chief Combat together with our troops but at the same time improve our villagers, the idea would only be to have a unit with this job so your requirements will be so complicated that only having one would be complicated, I hope you like it.

What I have in mind for this mod is the following:[details=Summary]

1.fix startup bugs.
2.reform all works and adapt them to the empire nok.
3.add new palettes to create all the default constructs of the nok empire.
4.create two campaigns, the new beginning of the Nok; And The wolfgang empire war.
5.extra things that I will add by going to learn modding.[/details]

I hope you like how my rabbitlings look.

The farmer

The Carpenter

Wine Axe

Carrot Pick

Wine Hammer

The Footman and her bambo sword
Chief (

Nok Empire created by Jose_Abreu

Soon I will upload the test link of both Nok.mod and Chief_nok.mod, I just need to correct certain problems with the En.json, and add a little more content so that they can try it and tell me what it looks like: D

If you have any suggestion you can write and help me to inspire me in more things to add to the nok empire, if I am able to add it and it is interesting for the mod I will take it into account.

If I do not answer this forum very constantly I apologize in advance, is that I am from Venezuela and my internet is not very stable that we say lol and the situation is not very good either, but that is personal things that do not interest much hahaha, uh seen Also the development of the translation mod to Spanish, if I manage to progress more with my mod, I think that I will update this mod clear will ask the creators of the same and will use its base to take it from alpha 14 to alpha 21 (or 22 if I take too long developing the empire nok).