Orc/rabbit re-embarkment

Re-embarking with an orc or rabbit hearthling unclocks all the possible jobs. Not complaining about them being usefull as everything, but this is probably not meant (and probably will result in plenty of errors). This is either just caused by using them when re-embarking, or by using a NA group and start a new asc city.

Orc promotion screen:

Rabbit promotion screen

Promoted orc:

Rabbit just finished crafting a workbench

Attached savegame
1531688801202.zip (4.1 MB)

Reembarkment setup:
a5082149-c569-45f7-9ed5-f570ce3a20f6.zip (1.7 KB)

Game version: unstable R875 (modded, x64)

Mods used:
ballista turret
box command
home sweet home
patrol points

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Good catch. Fixed in the next release.