[r887] Pets and shepherded animals are "away from town" after rejoining multiplayer server

After rejoining my husband’s multiplayer server, all of my pets and shepherded animals will respawn in with all of my hearthlings, but will be stuck in place with no animations.

When clicked upon, their current task is “away from town”.

They will still get hungry, but cannot eat. If they become starving then they will take damage. If they reach zero health, they will continue to be stuck there and won’t die. Leaving the game and rejoining if the pet is at zero health will cause the pet to have their current task be “dying” and they will disappear.

Dismissing a pet and then restarting the server will free the now ex-pet from their stasis however.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Start a multiplayer game
  2. Have a second player join
  3. Have the second player either have pets (via trapper or trait) or a shepherd with animals in an animal pasture
  4. Have the second player leave the game and rejoin

Expected Results:
Animals spawn in with the rest of the hearthlings and act normally

Actual Results:
Animals are stuck in place and unable to eat or do anything. They won’t even die of hunger and will remain in a sort of stasis with the current task of “away from town”.



Version Number and Mods in use:
r887 / release candidate 5
Better Storage is the only active mod

System Information:
Windows 10, NVIDIA GeForce 860M, Intel Core i5-4200H @ 2.80GHz, 8GB RAM

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Thanks for the report! This will be fixed in the next release.


I also have this problem, but it’s November 2020…