[Dev 2603] Bug?: Pets Treated Like Livestock

Befriended animals (pets) are treated like livestock by the shepherd. By this I mean, the pet is required to remain within its allocated livestock pen rather than be allowed to roam the village freely, or follow a hearthling around (like a typical pet), etc.

Affected Version:
Dev 2603 (at least)

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Level up a trapper to become a shepherd.
  2. Draft another worker to backfill for the newly-vacated trapper job.
  3. Do trappery things until they organically befriend an animal.
  4. Create a livestock pen of the same animal type as the pet.
  5. Watch as the pet is repeatedly corralled into the livestock pen by the shepherd.
Is this a bug, or is this behavior intended?

Sounds like a bug. The change to make rabbits shepherdable also added this bug.